Platform 4 s Triffids

If you love gig thezfx a forex tradertre, you ll love Platform 4 s Triffids! This live musical is based on the classic novel by John Wyndham. The live score features violin solos, melancholic wistful melodies, and psychedelic 1990s acid house. It s a thrilling and unforgettable adventure for children and grownups alike.

The work of Platform 4 is inspired by installation and performance. The company TD Ameritrade Forex Broker Review magical and shadow-filled worlds that engage with the audience. It has also expanded into participatory projects like "Invisible Music", which samples voices within music. Inspired by Catherine Church s work with the Winchester Lip Reading Community and her own mother s deafness, this piece is a powerful way to experience the world of the deaf through art.

The company is based on a co-creation process that allows people to bring their own stories into the art. The company creates and tours devised works with different groups. These devised works often include the participation of artists such as Anna Maria Murphy, Hattie Naylor, Matthew Wilkie, and Nell Leyshon.

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